Blended Malt

Finished in Sauternes casks from Château d'Arche, this technique allows to broaden and flesh out a little more the aromatic and taste palette of our spirits.

In these barrels assembled by hand from our regions, curved by the flames which give them a toasted finish. In contact for eighteen months with this 1855 Grand Cru Classé, they turn into blotters; This is why the aromas of our whiskeys, our Gins and our Rum are so talkative. Our spirits have an inimitable allure that is noticed between all the tables, a style affirmed by the shaped bottle.

Distillation and ageing

Whisky d’Arche is made from non-peated malted barley, distilled in copper stills in the southern Highlands of Scotland. In accordance with tradition, this blended malt is made from two single malts previously aged in casks. It is then imported to France and we carefully selected Château d’Arche barrels that have contained our great Sauternes to make a subtil cask finish.

En coktail :

WAPPLESKY cocktail :

Ingrédients :

5 cl de whisky D’Arche Spirits – 2.5 cl de jus de pomme – 1.5 cl de sirop de miel – 2 traits d’Angostura Orange Bitters

Préparation : 1/ Réaliser la recette « Wapplesky » au shaker. 2/Frapper les ingrédients au shaker avec des glaçons et verser dans le verre rempli de glaçons. 3/ Servir dans un verre de type « old fashioned » (verre à whisky).