100% Caraïbes

Finished in Sauternes casks from Château d'Arche, this technique allows to broaden and flesh out a little more the aromatic and taste palette of our spirits.

In these barrels assembled by hand from our regions, curved by the flames which give them a toasted finish. In contact for eighteen months with this 1855 Grand Cru Classé, they turn into blotters; This is why the aromas of our whiskeys, our Gins and our Rum are so talkative. Our spirits have an inimitable allure that is noticed between all the tables, a style affirmed by the shaped bottle.

Distillation and ageing

A more structured spirit, sometimes also called Navy Rum, because it was distributed daily to sailors (cheers, matey!). Produced in the Caribbean, our Rum, in the early stages of its life, shows itself to be very roguish, aromatic and powerful, and will need to spend a long time in the barrels of the Château d’Arche in order to soften, round out and balance itself. This Rum is 100% Caribbean: Dominican Republic, Barbados, Guyana and Jamaica. A beautiful intense amber colour, in the mouth it expresses exotic notes of flambéed bananas and spices with a touch of sweetness to make it greedy.

En coktail :


Ingrédients :

• 1 part de rum D’Arche Spirits

• 1 part de jus d’ananas

• Quartier de citron vert ou d’ananas

Préparation : 1/ Secouer tous les ingrédients et fi ltrer dans un verre à cocktail réfrigéré.2/ Garnir d’un quartier de citron vert ou d’ananas.