An epiphany on the greens brought awareness that the grass was no brighter nor better on any other side: and so, between a few relaxed swings, three visionaries decided to take action. One was a great lover of spirits, the other an amateur of sweet wines, the third embarked on new technical horizons with unknown limits. Aligned in their desire to go further in their comprehension and to never miss an opportunity for improvement, they took VIP Wines & Spirits in 2019 as a challenge to prove a château and its soul could build a new line and range of spirits.

Whisky Gin Rum

une gamme

The First born of this range is the Whisky. While Scotland envies France for the essence of its oak and the wisdom its wine cellars evoke; when implicated so deeply simplicity becomes the evident path. Bringing an anthological finish to whiskies of this country where the tradition is kilt, Sauternes barrels have been a long time part of the kit.

By directly importing “eau de vie” to give a second life to what used to be, D’Arche spirits team, seized on this habit to overturn preconceptions about spirits that are tiredly brittle, injecting it with a positively playful trace. From moments of relaxation to inspired meetings between good friends who’ve found time to rekindle. An entire atmosphere is formed by sharing and enjoying a drink, a way of celebrating quality that goes beyond formalities. It was then naturally that the teams immersed themselves in the creation of a Gin and a Rum with the same desire to age them here in Bordeaux.


Our spirits may cultivate their roguish tendencies but are also well mannered. Château d’Arche has acquired an expertise over the centuries, but there still remains other gems to discover and produce from the same barrels. It is indeed within these receptacles where fermentation unfolds its miracles. In these casks, assembled by hands from our lands, curved by flames that ensure their toasted finish, where each stave is a sage. They develop a language of their own after eighteen months in contact with the 1855 grand cru classé, which is why our spirits aromas have so much to express.

The imprint of the soil that the Château d’Arche’s casks have been able to reveal, this natural sweetness that coats the taste buds and creates a surprise, the tannins of the grapes are always kept in balance, biding their time in five-millimeter fibers to display their brilliance. No need for artificial colors or flavors: our juice collects the gold of what the Sauternes barrels have soaked in patiently. An inimitable allure that stands out on any table, a style asserted by the bottle in the shape of an inverted drop - just to tease the opinions of even the most experienced.