The most inspiring spirits


 A bewitching and luminous universe of citrus fruits, floral notes, intermingled with a light acidic zest. Our Gin is balanced, expressive and greedy.

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Magnificent Blended Malt, with notes of wheat, dried lemon, Malt and honey combined with a hint of nutmeg, thanks to the maturation in Sauternes’ casks.

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 A 100% Caribbean Rum, with a beautiful intense amber colour. In the mouth it expresses exotic notes of flambéed bananas and spices with a touch of sweetness.

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Ideal for mixology

Our spirits are perfectly made for a mixology approach. Try a Wapplesky cocktail made with Arche Whiskey; a Golden Eye mixed with Rum D’Arche and pineapple juice; a classic Gin Fizz made with Gin D’Arche.

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Our Story


An epiphany on the greens brought awareness that the grass was no brighter nor better on any other side: and so, between a few relaxed swings, three visionaries decided to take action. One was a great lover of spirits, the other an amateur of sweet wines, the third embarked on new technical horizons with unknown limits. Aligned in their desire to go further in their comprehension and to never miss an opportunity for improvement, they took VIP Wines & Spirits in 2019 as a challenge to prove a château and its soul could build a new line and range of spirits.

Our Story


Because we want you to discover our DNA, we have decided to offer you a tour of our cellar. Located in the heart of Chateau d’Arche, the VIP Wines & Spirits showroom welcomes you for a private tasting of our spirits.

45 minutes from Bordeaux, where it all began. You are welcome to come and learn the art of the ageing process and tasting. Open to people 18+ years old.

visite spiritueux


The Sauternes barrels are what have impacted the taste and identity of our spirits.
Without additives or artificial flavors, but only the influence of the tenderness of the wood.

The barrels are made out of French oak carefully cut, dried, crafted, shaped and selected to become a Sauternes barrel. Which will be transformed into a valuable tool where we will age for several months, one of the greatest wines of Sauternes “Chateau d’Arche Grande Cru Classe” cultivated through organic agriculture. The wine will infuse the wood of the barrels with its aromas of orange and candied fruits. Like a blotting paper the barrels will obtain: sweetness, delicacy and aromas of this great sweet wine to embellish our spirits.